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Privacy Policy

Protection Policy for perak kahani

In the event that you require any more data or have any inquiries concerning our security strategy, if you don't mind don't hesitate to get in touch with us by email at Privacy.

At believe the protection of our guests to be critical. This security arrangement report portrays in detail the sorts of individual data is gathered and recorded by how we use it.

Log Files

In the same way as other Web locales, log records. These documents only logs guests to the site - generally a standard system for facilitating organizations and a piece of facilitating administrations' investigation. The data inside the log documents incorporates web convention (IP) addresses, program type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date/time stamp, alluding/leave pages, and conceivably the quantity of snaps. This data is utilized to dissect patterns, regulate the site, track client's development around the site, and assemble statistic data. IP locations, and other such data are not connected to any data that is by and by recognizable.

Treats and Web Beacons treats to store data about guests' inclinations, to record client explicit data on which pages the website guest gets to or visits, and to customize or tweak our site page substance dependent on guests' program type or other data that the guest sends by means of their program.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

→ Google, as an outsider seller, utilizes treats to serve promotions on

→ Google's utilization of the DART treat empowers it to serve advertisements to our website's guests dependent on their visit to different destinations on the Internet.

→ Users may quit the utilization of the DART treat by visiting the Google advertisement and substance arrange protection approach at the accompanying URL -

Our Advertising Partners

A portion of our publicizing accomplices may utilize treats and web signals on our webpage. Our promoting accomplices incorporate .......

• Google

While every one of these publicizing accomplices has their very own Privacy Policy for their site, a refreshed and hyperlinked asset is kept up here: Privacy Policies.

You may counsel this leaning to discover the security arrangement for every one of the publicizing accomplices of

These outsider promotion servers or advertisement systems use innovation in their particular commercials and connections that show up on which are sent straightforwardly to your program. They consequently get your IP address when this happens. Different advances, (for example, treats, JavaScript, or Web Beacons) may likewise be utilized by our website's outsider promotion systems to gauge the adequacy of their publicizing efforts and additionally to customize the promoting content that you see on the webpage. no entrance to or authority over these treats that are utilized by outsider publicists.

Outsider Privacy Policies

You should counsel the separate security approaches of these outsider promotion servers for progressively definite data on their practices just as for guidelines about how to quit certain practices.'s security strategy doesn't make a difference to, and we can't control the exercises of, such different sponsors or sites. You may locate a complete posting of these protection strategies and their connections here: Privacy Policy Links.

On the off chance that you wish to handicap treats, you may do as such through your individual program alternatives. Progressively itemized data about treat the executives with explicit internet browsers can be found at the programs' separate sites. What Are Cookies?

Youngsters' Information

We trust it is imperative to give added assurance to youngsters on the web. We urge guardians and gatekeepers to invest energy online with their kids to watch, partake in or potentially screen and guide their online movement.'t intentionally gather any by and by recognizable data from kids younger than 13. In the event that a parent or gatekeeper accepts that in its database the by and by recognizable data of a kid younger than 13, if you don't mind get in touch with us quickly (utilizing the contact in the principal section) and we will utilize our earnest attempts to expeditiously expel such data from our records.

Online Privacy Policy Only

This protection arrangement applies just to our online exercises and is legitimate for guests to our site and with respect to data shared as well as gathered there. This approach doesn't make a difference to any data gathered disconnected or by means of channels other than this site.


By utilizing our site, you thus agree to our protection strategy and consent to its terms.


This Privacy Policy was keep going refreshed on: Sunday, September 22nd, 2019.


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