English Moral Stories : Don’t let the Opportunity go

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English Moral Stories : Don't let the opportunity go, English Moral Stories, prerak kahani
English Moral Stories : Don’t let the opportunity go

 English Moral Stories : Don’t let the opportunity go

King Sumer Singh of Shantipur had become very old. Sumer Singh was justice beloved king. There was prosperity all around in his kingdom. The king was childless. He wanted to make a worthy person to inherit the kingdom during his life.

A tip came to his mind to choose a successor. He himself made a big picture and got it placed in the court.

He made a declaration in the state that the person who does the most correct review about this picture will be made the successor of the state.

There was a crowd of people in the court. To become the king’s successor, people started praising the king and his portrait without seeing the picture.

Anyone who came to the court, seeing the picture at a glance, started applauding the king.
English Moral Stories : Don't let the opportunity go, English Moral Stories, prerak kahani
English Moral Stories : Don’t let the opportunity go

 English Moral Stories : Don’t let the opportunity go

”Wow! Hujur, you made a very vibrant picture. “

“Someone would say, there is no painter like you in this world.”

“Pictures are really hard to differentiate.”

The king used to listen to them with great attention and smile.

There was also a person in that crowd who was watching the picture very carefully. After looking at the picture for a long time, he started returning from there without saying anything.

At that time, the king’s eye fell on that young man. He stopped the young man and asked him, “You have been looking at the picture for a long time, but you have not said anything about it.” How did you like this picture? “

“Huzoor, I don’t want to answer that…” The young man told the king.

All the people present there were shocked after listening to that young man.

Everyone started molesting one person and doing evil to the person, what a strange young man. One cannot praise the paintings made by the king. It seems to have died. The king will surely punish it. Maybe it should be hanged.

The king insisted the people present in the court to remain calm.

He asked the young man again, “What is there in painting that you are not able to dare to say about painting?”
“Huzoor, if I have said this in this full court, you will be very sorry to hear it. So I don’t want to say anything about this painting. “Where the young man.

“Still we would like to hear …..?” The king ordered him.

“Huzoor, this painting is cheap and useless. There is nothing special in this painting, but in this painting, there is a lapse and the colors have not been used correctly.

On hearing this, the king shouted in anger and said, “It is your courage to call the paintings made by me inferior and useless….” The king ordered the soldiers to arrest the young man.

“Huzoor, by arresting me you cannot call your painting good and right.”

The soldiers arrested him. People present there started talking about punishing him.
The king said, “We will decide this tomorrow in the royal court.”

The next day there was a huge crowd in the royal court. People were eager to know what punishment would be given to the king’s evil-doer. On the king’s orders, the person was presented in the court.

 English Moral Stories : Don’t let the opportunity go

Where the king said to the young man before sentencing, “If you still apologize, your sentence will be forgiven.”

“Hujur, I will still say the same thing that was somewhere yesterday that the painting you made is cheap and useless.” The young man said fearlessly.

“Before sentencing we want to know why this painting is cheap and useless?”

“Huzoor, painting depicts the shadow of animals and trees.” She is towards the Sun. Whereas according to the law of nature, the shadow is always in the opposite direction of the sun. The stars are also depicted with the sun, while the stars disappear in its light once the sun comes out. “

Hearing the young man speak, the king exclaimed, “I was looking for a worthy person like you.” In which you have the courage to say the right thing and those who see and test do not give any decision.

I deliberately made mistakes while painting. Whoever went to painting other than you, started looking at the painting without appreciating it. Those who do not know how to test anything. They only give false praise for their own benefit. Such people cringe.

 English Moral Stories : Don’t let the opportunity go

The king turned towards the people and said, “From today I declare this person my successor. The king of this kingdom will be here after me. “

Opening the handcuffs of the person, he was placed on the throne equal to the king with respect.

Education  –  English Moral Stories : Don’t let the opportunity go

  • Never be falsely praised for success. Never be afraid to tell the truth.
  • The person should take concrete and positive decisions at the same time, if the opportunity comes and not be surrounded by doubts.
  • Identify opportunities in life, accept challenges and take advantage of them right.
  • The person who missed the opportunity, later repents. Because opportunity only comes for a moment.
  • Those who miss the opportunity are kept staring and those who recognize the opportunity sit in the high palaces of success and there they are called kings.

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