English Moral Stories : Beware of Selfish People

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english moral stories : Beware of selfish people, english moral stories, english story
english moral stories : Beware of selfish people

english moral stories | Beware of selfish people told in the story 

English moral stories: Beware of selfish people It is told in the story that one should not always befriend the deceiver and the crooks and never believe their words. Stay away from people who cheat others and make loyalty promises to you. English moral stories: Beware of selfish people An attempt was made to explain this through the story

English moral stories: Beware of selfish people

There was a berries on the banks of the river.
A monkey lived on that tree. The monkey used to eat ripe berries of that tree, drink the water of the river, roamed Gulati on the banks of the river all day and kept jumping from this tree on the tree.
Once upon a time.
Gulati was hitting the river bank after drinking water. At the same time a crocodile came there.
The monkey got scared after seeing him.
When he was about to run away, the crocodile stopped him, saying, “Do not be afraid, I have come to befriend you.”
“Na Baba Na, my grandfather used to say most friendship, but never befriend the crocodile.” Crocodiles are very deceitful.”
“You are right, today I am facing the punishment of my grandfather’s mistake.” Nobody wants to befriend us today because of their mistake. “The crocodile said shedding tears.english moral stories : Beware of selfish people, english moral stories, english story

The monkey also became sad after seeing a tear in the crocodile’s eyes. He too used to get boiled all day long while living alone on the tree. He also needed a friend.
He said, “Don’t cry, I don’t see anyone crying.” Okay from today you my friend. “
From that day on, the two became friends. Every morning the crocodile would come near the berries. Both sit and talk on the river bank. The monkey would feed him ripe berries. Gradually, the two became close friends.
One day, the crocodile told that he is the king of this area. All crocodiles call him Kokoraj.

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The monkey also told the crocodile that he lived in a group of monkeys, but one day he is separated from his party. He has lived alone since then. Earlier, he also used to live very happily with his team.
Kokoraj felt very sad to hear his friend. He said to the monkey, “Don’t you worry friend, I will find your party one day or the other.”
One day, the crocodile’s wife became aware of their friendship. Where has he heard from the crocodile, “You have heard, I have befriended a monkey.”
Where did the crocodile, “Yes.”
His wife said, “Oh wow! You bring your friend home, we will eat it out of the heart. “
“No ….. no I will not cheat on my friend.” With great difficulty he has agreed to be friends.”
“For the pleasure of your wife you have to bring her here …. My anger will not be calm until I eat the monkey’s heart.”
The crocodile tried to convince his wife but she was not ready to accept him in any way. She insisted on her insistence that she needed a monkey. She did not want to hear anything next.
Finally, to calm the wife’s anger, he started thinking of ways to bring the monkey to his house. He remembered that the monkey was talking about being separated from his flock.
One day the crocodile lied to the monkey, “Dude I saw a herd of monkeys across the river. I think you belong to the same group. “
Hearing the crocodile, the monkey said, “How many friends I have there.”
“There are a lot of monkeys, but I couldn’t count them, because all the monkeys ran away when I saw them. Why don’t you go and see. “
“How can I go beyond that?”
“What day will this friend of yours come to work? You sit on mine and I will take you across. “The crocodile said.
“No no I won’t go with you.” The monkey said refusing.
“Friends forget the old things, I will not cheat on you like my ancestors did. You are my best friend I would not like our friendship to be infamous. “
The monkey got into the words of the crocodile and sat on the crocodile’s back. Arriving in the midst of the river, the crocodile started laughing loudly.
The crocodile said to the monkey, “Silly monkey I am not taking you to the other side, I am taking you to my wife. So that he can eat your heart.
This time you cannot say that the heart has been placed on the tree, because I know that the heart of all animals is with them. “
The monkey was surprised to hear the crocodile. He started thinking, “He made a mistake by believing the crocodile.” Now how to get rid of it. ‘
The monkey said, “My friend will be very happy if your wife makes me happy after eating my heart.” If you used to say this to me lovingly, I would have walked with you on my own. After all, you are my friend. “
In between, the monkey started thinking of his way of escape. He said something thinking, “You are the king here?”

english moral stories | Beware of selfish people told in the story 

“Yes ….”
“But where are your subjects? Okay, what are their numbers? “
“I am the king of a thousand crocodiles here.”
Looking around here and there, “But I don’t see anyone. Then how can I believe that you are the king of so many crocodiles? I want to see everyone. “
“Well, I just call everyone.” The crocodile gave a voice to his companions.
The crocodiles started gathering on hearing their king’s voice.
Where the monkey said, “Tell all the crocodiles to stand by the line on it from across the river. I want to count the whole thousand crocodiles or not? “
Ordered all the crocodiles to stand by the line.
The monkey descended from the crocodile’s back and then stepped on the back of the third crocodile and went across the river, counting to one, two, three, four, five, six, seven …… hundred.
The monkey escaped from the clutches of the crocodile again this time with his intelligence. The crocodile was once again regretting its stupidity.

Education: – english moral stories | Beware of selfish people told in the story 

This story teaches that

  • One should not always befriend people who are deceitful and mean and should never believe their words.
  • Stay away from people who cheat others and make loyalty promises to you.
  • Those who spread false rumors about others, but themselves indulge in anti-social or anti-social activities.
  • Those who prove their selfishness is the main objective and those who give priority to money should always stay away from such people.

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