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Nov 23, 2020

Value the words of the leader | English Moral Stories

English Moral Stories,

Value the words of the leader | English Moral Stories 

There was a mango tree on the banks of river Tawa in Satpudavan. There used to be a flock of pigeons on that mango tree. Pigeon, the king of pigeons, was very intelligent and intelligent.

In the same forest there lived a dagger jackal named Jaggu. He was smart and lazy by nature. He used to eat small animals by fooling them.

Gradually all the animals had come to know about this. He used to change his path as soon as he saw Jaggu Jackal. In this way Jaggu jackal now had to stay hungry for many days.

One day Jaggu reached the banks of the river Tava wandering in search of food.

He had a bad condition with hunger. He filled his stomach after drinking water from the river and went to rest under a mango tree.

Seeing the pigeons on the mango tree, he thought in his mind, if I catch these pigeons, then there will be no wanderings for food for many days.

As soon as this idea came, he started thinking about catching pigeons.

At night when all the pigeons slept, Jaggu laid a thin net under the mango tree and put a lot of grain on it and went to the nearby bushes and fell asleep.

In the morning, all the pigeons started preparing to go in search of food. Just then, the sight of Chunnu pigeons went under the tree.
He said, "Look guys, how much grain is lying here."

When listening to Chunnu, Munmun dove while looking down, "Wow! Today we will not have to go anywhere in search of food. "

"Let us all have a feast together," Chunnu dove said.

"Wait, no one will come down," Pijan said, stopping them.

After listening to him, all the pigeons stopped in their respective places. Chunnu said to Munmun, "What a foolish king." There is so much food here and it is preventing us from eating. "

Munmun said, "I did not like to be its king already. It will neither eat itself nor let us eat. "
Where is Pijan explaining to everyone, "Listen to my words carefully. All of you go and hide in the surrounding trees, do not make any sound.

I will not call until someone comes out.

All the pigeons hid in nearby trees.

Jaggu was very happy when his eyes opened in the morning. He thought that a lot of pigeons would be trapped in the trap by now, but as soon as he looked towards the trap, not a single pigeon appeared there. Nor was he making any sound.

The atmosphere there was very quiet. He stepped out of the bushes and began to find pigeons on the tree.

In search of the pigeon, Jaggu forgot that he had laid a trap below. As soon as he reached under the mango tree, one of his feet got stuck in the trap.

When Jaggu tried to remove the trap from his other leg, his other leg also got stuck in the trap. One by one his four legs got entangled in the trap.

The pigeons hiding in the trees stopped their breath and saw Jaggu.
As soon as Jaggu was completely trapped in the trap, he started making sounds of bachao-bachao, but no one came to save him.

The king gave voice and called his companions out.

Where is Chunnu apologizing to King Pijan, "Forgive me. I don't know what I was thinking about you. "

Hearing her, Munmun also apologized and asked, "How did you know that there is a trap here?"

Pijan said, "To be honest, I did not know about the trap, but seeing so many grains of grain here, I felt a danger.

There were no grain grains at night. Just think, there is no field around, nor is there any way to come from here, then where did this grain come from.

Hearing Pinjon's talk, all the pigeons started seeing each other's mouth.

"Sudden grain grains here at night meant that someone wanted to lure us into their trap. but who? To know where all of you should remain calm.

Unable to find us there, this jackal started looking for us and got himself trapped in the net he had laid. "Where did Pidgeon go next,

Due to the prudence and intelligence of the king, the lives of pigeons were saved.


This story teaches that

  • Do not be lured, because only by being greed do we make mistakes and people become victims of crooks and crooks. 

  • If you are working in a team, then listen to the words of your team leader. Give importance to his experiences and thoughts.

  • Should listen to the words of our elders and elders. A lot can be learned from their experiences.

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