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Oct 12, 2020

Prerak kahani : Don't Blame Luck for Your Mistakes | new motivational story

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Don't blame luck for your mistakes

Why poor are poor, Because he is afraid to work. Do not blame luck for your mistakes. Be diligent.  Do not steal from work. Do not try to avoid work. If you want to eradicate poverty, now, get engaged in work right now. Have to work……
Raja Sumer Singh used to worry about his subjects night and day. He always wanted to see people happy.

The king used to roam the kingdom to know the well being of his subjects.

He saw, the people of his state are very poor. The poor have to live by begging.

He was very sad to see this. He thought in his mind, he should do something for these poor people.

"I think they should be donated so that their lives can be improved." Raja told Minister Man Singh.

"Maharaj, I believe that his donation will not remove poverty." It would be better to arrange employment for them. "

The king said, "No minister, we have made up our mind." He will give so much donation to all the beggars of the state so that he can spend his remaining life gracefully. "

Minister Man Singh said, "Maharaj, this will not reduce the number of beggars. People will start begging for donations. Donating the state funds will also be a loss. "

The king did not listen to the minister.

The next day, the state announced that all the beggars in the state should reach the palace. Kings will remove their poverty. Now there will be no poor in the state.

The next day a crowd of beggars began to gather in the court of King Sumer Singh. Whatever beggar comes to them, first they are bathed well, Beggars were dressed in good clothes. They were fed a lot of food and gave away a watermelon as a gift.

The watermelon given by the king contained diamonds and jewels.

King Sumersingh was thinking in his mind, there will be no beggar in the kingdom with the gift given by him.

One day King Sumersingh again changed form and went to visit the kingdom. He was accompanied by Minister Man Singh.

The king saw, there was no decrease in the number of beggars in the kingdom.

He was surprised to see this. He asked a beggar, "Why don't you go to the king, the king has declared that there will be no poor in his kingdom."

The beggar said, "What will the king take away our poverty? He does not know what poverty is. One time meal, one pair of new clothes, does poverty go away? "

The king asked curiously, "And the watermelon that is given when going."

The beggar said, "Watermelon sold to merchant."

Returning to the palace, the king decided that poverty would not be far from the state. They will have to be employed to overcome poverty.

The next day he announced that whatever beggars are in the state, Arrive at Raj Mahal. The king has arranged work for them. Instead of work, they will be given good salary.  After the king's proclamation, no beggar came to Raj Mahal to work.

Seeing this, the king again announced that the beggar who does not come to work will be punished hard.

Even after hearing the harsh punishment, no beggar came to work on the palace.

The minister said, all the beggars have left this state for fear of working.

Education –

his story teaches that…………

Why the poor are poor, because they are afraid to work.

If you want to eradicate poverty, now, get engaged in work right now.

Stop blaming luck for your mistakes. Remember, one cannot become rich by blaming luck. 

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